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Buy De Molen Beer

Water & Vuur is translated as Water & Fire, which again are complete opposites. This is a NEIPA (New England India Pale Ale) that has an ABV of 6%. It is very fruity and quite hoppy, which makes it a perfect thirst-quenching beer. It pours cloudy and is best drunk between 4-6 degrees Celsius. At present, you can buy 24 bottles of Water & Vuur for 43.26, which is an impressive 50% off. While stocks last.

buy de molen beer

The brewers of the experimental Brewery De Molen are only satisfied if they regularly brew something special. A beer that is 'off the charts'. That results in many new beers. Every 6 weeks they brew something that has never been brewed before and perhaps never brewed again. Either at their own brew house or in collaboration with other leading craft beer breweries in Scandinavia and Belgium. In 2017, the brewery was ranked number 6 worldwide in the RateBeerBest ranking.

Aroma and Appearance: It pours a dark brown colour with no foam and no bubbles as expected with this style of beer. The aroma consists of malt balls, black licorice, roasted grains, toffee, currants and plums.

Flavour: Super similar to the aroma, initially it features malt balls, plums and currants upfront with a super thick bodied middle that showcases burnt molasses and tobacco flavours. This cellared beer finishes with lots of rich chocolate, some leather, caramel, raisins and finally almonds.

Their core range numbers around 20 different beers, with special brews and collaborations expanding the portfolio. They describe themselves as an experimental brewery, aiming to brew a new beer every six weeks. And this because they "aren't satisfied if they don't manage to brew something off the charts quite regularly!"

We received our first shipment of De Molen beer in July 2015, to much excitement and anticipation. Needless to say it was very well-received, and we look forward to each and every future shipment from the brewing masters.

The Amarillo is an IPA beer that was named after the American Amarillo hops, used during the brewing process and that provides its unique bitterness. This non-pasteurised beer features strong hoppy, malty and fruity notes of orange and grapefruit. Its bitterness is well-balanced and long-lasting in the mouth.

It pours a very amber color close to copper and is topped by a sparkling head. The Amarillo challenges the nose with hoppy and herbaceous notes. This is one of the flagship beers from Dutch Brewery De Molen.

Shame on another foreign company . North coast has the right after 12 hrs they have earned the right . Is de molen so lame that they can only think of one name, which is a obvious rip off of north coast. I say we boycott De molen and the importer. For those that say shame on north coast , shame on you. Wait till someone takes something from you and are told to just take it. Be proud and be a American , we should protect and take pride in American achievement and that is what north coast should do! North coast rocks!!!!!!

The taste of this brew starts off tart with some sweetness to balance it out. Like with the nose, I picked up some berries/cherries as well as some woody notes. The tartness and funkiness of this beer made you feel very refreshed and wanting more. It finished on the dry side.

On the palate, this chewy stout is as thick as Turkish coffee is rich. Stewed and concentrated plum emerge as the beer opens up, finishing on a high note of smoky bitter-sweet chocolate. With such concentrated flavours, the mild-but-firm hop spice is a more than welcome touch, and the chocolate acidity gives the dark caramel, dark fruit cake, and molasses characteristics sufficient lift.

Craft beer exploded on to the market over the past few years, capturing the tastebuds of hipsters and connoisseurs alike. But the rise of hop prices could spell the end of the industry's scattering of small independent brewers and make it a ripe sector for acquisitions, analysts told CNBC.

"Increasingly bigger brewers are accepting craft beer is big, so will need to buy out the smaller brewers. A lot of them are reluctant to sell because they are into the passion of brewing. But if the prices are high that makes it a lot more of an economical decision for them."

Drinks giant Anheuser-Busch InBev has led the way in snapping up craft beer companies. In 2011, the firm bought Chicago-based Goose Island brewer and, citing the "greater consumer interest in craft beer", has recently rolled the brand out across the U.S.

Carlsberg Group told CNBC in an emailed statement that craft beer is a "very interesting market" and one that the company is "monitoring and taking an active part in." ABInBev said the company would always do its "due diligence" on potential acquisitions in the space, but is focusing on "organic growth."

Craft beer brewers told CNBC that they were not up for sale. John Brus, one of the owners of Netherlands-based Brouwerij De Molen, said he "doesn't see why" he would sell the business when it is seeing double digit growth. Thornbridge Brewery, based in Derbyshire, U.K. also said it would not consider being taken over.

Takeovers of craft beer makers is a potentially controversial move, particularly for brewers and their fans. The companies are often local and on a very small scale, making them part of an area's community. Any acquisition by a corporate entity could reduce the beer's appeal, according to the brewers. 041b061a72


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