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Hex Empire 3 Game

Hex Empire 3 is unique turn-based strategy game where you can fulfill all of your deepest dreams of becoming a bloodthirsty dictator. All without even taking your fluffy slippers of your feet!

Hex Empire 3 Game


SINGLEPLAYER MODE - wage wars on thousands of map!PARTY MODE - play multiplayer games on single computer!MAP EDITOR - create own worlds just to destroy!THOUSANDS OF GENERATED MAPS - you can play forever!CAMPAIGNS - coming soon!NETWORKED MULTIPLAYER - coming soon!

Dude I loved this game as a kid, it's really disappointing to see that it's been seemingly abandoned for the last 2 years. If the multiplayer ever does finish that would be amazing. Good luck, I hope you finally finish this.

I found a bug, where if I use my last move to capture an enemy capital, with other nations still left, I get the economy popup for a split second but then it is immediately overwritten by the "You beat the other nation popup." When I close that the economy popup is gone, I don't have any moves left and I can't even click on end turn. The game just softlocks up.

The bug is fixed in the latest update. Hex Empire 2 was a flash multiplayer game that I made for apparently defunct company, so the servers are off and the game is no longer available. Hex Empire 3 is much much better :).

On the topic of Hex Empire 2, during my search for a working version of it I found a version of the game on The game displays a loading screen, but then gives an error message saying to email Have you ever worked with

The original Hex Empire is one of my favourite browser games ever to play during breaks, so its awesome to see you're making another one! I'm enjoying it a lot so far.I was wondering if there is a way to break pacts? At the moment I seem to have to wait for my ally to betray me, while I would like to be the one doing the betrayal >:)

hey there! I loved your game when it was out f2p and now i really want to buy it but unfortunetly i do not have paypal and can't have it, is there a way for you to add another payment method? paysafecard for example?

Operating system: Windows XP, 7, 8, 10Memory: 2GBStorage: 200MBSteam Ratings: positive (39) 82% of the 39 user reviews for this game are positive.Execution: v0.76.5 Early Access

Hex Empire 3 Is a turn-based strategy game. In the game, maps are generated randomly, but the impact of randomness on gameplay is limited only to that. Here, a certain action always leads to the same result. The element of chance is practically absent. Level editor available.

For an indie project, you can customize the order of the moves. You can act synchronously with your opponents (that is, everyone went at the same time and the game calculates the total) or wait your turn. In Hex Empire 3, all events take place on the world map. Normally 6 factions fight against each other. You can gain allies and make peace deals with them.

Junub Games computer developing team is a team of 15 well-experienced members in different fields of game and computer programming and designing. Altogether, the team puts much effort to develop and provide you with the latest and most popular PC games and software.

Hex Empire, unfortunately, is not about an ancient land of witches turning each other into mules and spiders. The name refers to hexagons, the traditional battleground of the pen-and-paper wargamer. Hexagons tile well, you see, and they look nice with doodles of rivers and mountain ranges between them. They are pointy, but not so much that you need to wear goggles while working with them, like you do with squares or triangles. Dash them with pepper, and they taste good on a hamburger bun. Hexagons are winners.

This is a good game for fans of Risk and Dice Wars, for strategists who like to compare numbers but dislike the fuddy-duddiness of unit weaknesses and initiative and terrain bonuses. In other words, it's a casual turn-based strategy war game, pitting you against three computer-controlled armies in a battle for dominion over a randomly-generated plot of land.

Analysis: Hex Empire occupies a comfortable spot between the simplicity of Risk and the number crunching of the Avalon Hill-style board games that inspired this whole soldiers-on-hexagons thing. You do have to pay attention to the numbers, and even add them together occasionally, but moving a squadron just comes down to two mouse clicks.

The five-move restriction, and the way your fighting units degrade quickly in battle, forces you to strategize instead of simply expanding as quickly as possible. The further and faster you push, the more likely you are to end up with a shattered and cowardly front line, ripe for a counter-attack. Real strength in this game comes from an almost chess-like approach, with units constantly guarding and reinforcing each other. There's a distinct and relaxing drumbeat to it, once you get the feel.

Ugh. The means by which soldiers arrive is not clearly explained. I won my first match, but I could not understand how enemies managed to out-number and out-morale me even if I had a clear advantage in cities. This game definitely needs to be refined with proper instructions.

This is a neat game.. there needs to be a multi-player where 2-4 people can play on the same computer. The AIs are really too dumb and once you figure out how the AIs play it is easy to beat them even on hard with a map that puts you at a disadvantage.

Really liked it! The AI needs some improvement in 'hard' mode though - during the endgame it seems to place too much value on defending outposts rather than stopping tanks getting close to the main base. At the moment you can send 3-4 tanks in to attack only the base and win because it'll largely ignore them. :)

Conquering the home base of an enemy that has conquered another base should not kill the enemy entirely. E.g., if you are red and blue conquers green, then you conquer the blue base, all blue is destroyed and one lonely green tank spawns at the green base. Then you go kill that tank. This makes beating the game a little too easy, you just have to focus your efforts on the correct base.

I really like the graphics of this game. The map starts off pristine and green. As battle rages on some hexes, they turn muddy brown and cemeteries might pop up. Little things like that really endear a game to me.

My strategy is to sign a pact with the person above or below me, limit their space, and expand left/right. Then I go from there, and if it gets to be me vs one other kingdom/empire, i repeatedly sign pacts with them at the end of a turn, resulting in them breaking it and me getting morale.

Map #66656 This map is impossible playing as Green. Trust me, I tried it on easy and I still can't beat it. Blue blocks you from expanding, and eventually, Red conquers him and you can't beat Red when he has a big empire supporting him.

Best gameplay so far was with green though; same thing happened, but their rush was slowed town thanks to a big water body in teh southern half; There were some real nice fights at the ports of my not-that small island!

To win without an ally, you need not to pick the best starting point, but the one, that can defeat the closest enemy, before the other two arrive with significant forces.After a while, the game is more about figuring out the weaknesses of the AI, than having a good strategy, so, as everyone else I guess, I hope there will be a multiplayer mode.

Hi, I really love this game. The only annoying feature is the sound. I haven't found a way of turning it off, and makes it impossible to play while listening to music. But otherwise I'm hooked!:)

this would make a great mmo and i think these changes to it would make it a successful one...1. Make the map HUUUUUUUUGE and allow more than just 4 players, allow at least 20+ for every map (many more if the game can handle it). Space everyone out far enough so they can gain a fair bit of territory before engaging in combat.2. Set players in their home countries and let them battle it out with other kids from around the world, see what country would reign supreme (United States of course).3. As seen in number 2 there should absolutely positively be NO TIMER!!! That ruins the game especially in multiplayer. Allow players to make their move within 12 or 24 hours and that should be perfect. Of course allow speed games with 3 or 6 hours to move.4. No special moves like building barriers or stuff like that. Also ruins the game. 5. Allow players to form alliances so they can move through each others territory without claiming it as their own thus breaking the treaty or alliance.6. Capitals should get a defensive bonus or be allowed to create larger units. Capitals should also be allowed to be moved once every ten turns (just what i think, wouldnt keep me from playing it).7. Allow players to gain a move for every certain number of units added. ex. 10 units gets 5 moves, 20 gets 6, 30 gets 7, etc.

I did 108260 when you first posted it. I must have been lucky, since it only took me two or three attempts.I remembered making a short list of difficult maps when I first played this game and now have beaten all of them without a speech except for 108260-green.Thank you Kilaskwiral! It is really all about exploiting the AIs stupidity, you'll get a hang of it.

Great game! I have played it many times since this review was posted. I would like to see some more variety in maps, such as the entire world being a different shape than rectangular, maps with lots of islands, maps with no water, etc.

A little late to the party, here. I really like the concept and design, but, as do 7% of males, I have anomalous trichromacy, an incomplete form of color blindness, and it makes this game very difficult to play well. I found it hard to tell at a glance which units belonged to whom and also who owned what territory.


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