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Tu Hi Re: How to Download the Marathi Movie in HD Quality Using Bittorrent

Tu Hi Re: A Marathi Romantic Drama Movie


Tu Hi Re is a 2015 Marathi romantic drama movie directed by Sanjay Jadhav and starring Swapnil Joshi, Tejaswini Pandit and Mrunal Jadhav. The movie revolves around a love triangle between Nandini, Jayram and Anjali, who are childhood friends. The movie explores the themes of love, friendship, sacrifice and destiny.

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What is Tu Hi Re about?

Tu Hi Re is a movie that tells the story of Nandini (Tejaswini Pandit), a girl who loves Jayram (Swapnil Joshi), a boy from her village. However, Jayram leaves the village to pursue his dreams in Mumbai, leaving Nandini heartbroken. Years later, Nandini gets married to Anjali (Mrunal Jadhav), a rich businessman who loves her dearly. However, Nandini still misses Jayram and hopes to meet him someday. One day, she gets a chance to go to Mumbai for a business trip and decides to look for Jayram. She finds out that he is a successful singer and composer, but he has also lost his eyesight in an accident. Nandini decides to help him regain his vision and his happiness, but she also faces a dilemma between her loyalty to Anjali and her love for Jayram.

Who are the main actors and crew members?

The main actors of Tu Hi Re are Swapnil Joshi, Tejaswini Pandit and Mrunal Jadhav. Swapnil Joshi is a popular Marathi actor who has appeared in many movies and TV shows, such as Mumbai Pune Mumbai, Duniyadari, Mitwaa and Eka Lagnachi Dusri Goshta. Tejaswini Pandit is also a well-known Marathi actress who has acted in movies like Aga Bai Arechyaa 2, Ye Re Ye Re Paisa 2, Shubh Lagna Savdhan and Dhurala. Mrunal Jadhav is a newcomer who made his debut with Tu Hi Re.

The director of Tu Hi Re is Sanjay Jadhav, who is also a cinematographer and producer. He has directed many hit Marathi movies like Duniyadari, Pyaar Vali Love Story, Guru and Lucky. The writer of Tu Hi Re is Manaswini Lata Ravindra, who is also a poet and lyricist. She has written the story and dialogues for movies like Timepass 2, Double Seat and Dhurala. The music composers of Tu Hi Re are Amitraj, Pankaj Padgham and Shashank Powar, who have given some melodious songs like Jeev Ha Sang Na, Sunya Sunya and Nako Nako Na Re.

Where can you watch Tu Hi Re online?

If you want to watch Tu Hi Re online, you have several options. You can download the movie from torrent sites like Tamilrockers, Filmyzilla, Skymovieshd or Filmywap. However, we do not recommend you to do so as it is illegal and unethical. You can also watch the movie on streaming platforms like Zee5, Amazon Prime Video or YouTube. However, you may need to pay a subscription fee or rent the movie to watch it online.

Plot Summary

The love triangle between Nandini, Jayram and Anjali

The movie begins with Nandini narrating her story to a radio jockey named RJ Neil (Sushant Shelar). She tells him how she fell in love with Jayram when they were kids in their village. They used to sing together and share their dreams of becoming famous singers. However, Jayram's father was against their relationship and wanted him to study engineering instead. Jayram decided to run away from home and go to Mumbai to pursue his passion for music. He promised Nandini that he would come back for her once he became successful.

However, years passed by and Nandini never heard from Jayram again. She lost hope of seeing him again and agreed to marry Anjali, who was her father's friend's son. Anjali was a kind-hearted and generous man who loved Nandini unconditionally. He gave her everything she wanted and treated her like a princess. He also supported her dream of becoming a singer and encouraged her to participate in singing competitions.

The twist in the story

One day, Nandini got an opportunity to go to Mumbai for a business meeting with Anjali's company. She decided to use this chance to look for Jayram as she still had his old address. She reached his apartment and found out that he was living there with his friend Ravi (Girish Pardeshi). She was shocked to see that Jayram had lost his eyesight in an accident that happened six months ago. He had also given up on music and was living in depression.

Nandini felt sorry for him and decided to help him recover from his trauma. She introduced herself as Renuka, a social worker who was assigned to assist him. She started spending time with him and tried to make him happy again. She also encouraged him to resume his music career and arranged for an eye surgery for him.

Jayram started feeling better with Renuka's presence in his life. He also started developing feelings for her but he did not know that she was actually Nandini.

The climax and the ending

Meanwhile, Anjali got suspicious of Nandini's frequent visits to Mumbai. He followed her one day and found out that she was meeting Jayram secretly. He confronted her about it and asked her why she was lying to him. Nandini confessed that she loved Jayram since childhood but she married Anjali out of respect for her father's wishes.

Anjali was heartbroken but he decided to let Nandini go with Jayram as he loved her more than himself. He told her that he would divorce her so that she could be happy with Jayram.

Nandini felt guilty for hurting Anjali but she also wanted to be with Jayram as he was her true love. She decided to tell Jayram the truth about her identity before his eye surgery.

Jayram underwent the surgery successfully and regained his vision. He was eager to see Renuka's face for the first time but he was shocked when he saw that she was actually Nandini.

Nandini apologized to him for hiding her identity from him but she also told him that she loved him more than anything else.

Jayram was angry with her for deceiving him but he also realized that he still loved her too.

He forgave her and hugged her passionately.

The movie ends with Nandini singing a song dedicated to Jayram on RJ Neil's radio show while Anjali listens to it with tears in his eyes.

Review and Analysis

What are the strengths of Tu Hi Re?

Tu Hi Re is a movie that has many strengths such as:

  • The performances of the lead actors: Swapnil Joshi, Tejaswini Pandit and Mrunal Jadhav have delivered excellent performances in their respective roles. They have portrayed their emotions convincingly and made the audience empathize with their characters.

  • The music: The music of Tu Hi Re is one of its highlights as it has some beautiful songs that suit the mood of the movie. The songs are composed by Amitraj, Pankaj Padgham and Shashank Powar who have done a great job in creating melodies that touch the heart.

What are the weaknesses of Tu Hi Re?

Tu Hi Re is a movie that also has some weaknesses such as:

  • The pace: The movie is too slow and draggy at times. It takes a long time to establish the characters and their backgrounds. The first half is especially boring and repetitive. The movie could have been shorter and crisper.

  • The story: The story of Tu Hi Re is not very original or innovative. It is a typical love triangle drama that has been done many times before. The movie also has some logical loopholes and inconsistencies that make it hard to believe.

  • The direction: The direction of Tu Hi Re is not very impressive or creative. The movie relies too much on clichés and stereotypes. The movie also lacks subtlety and finesse in handling the emotions and conflicts of the characters.

How does Tu Hi Re compare to other Marathi movies?

Tu Hi Re is a movie that tries to be a romantic musical drama but fails to deliver on its promise. It is not a bad movie but it is not a great one either. It is a mediocre movie that does not stand out among other Marathi movies. It does not have the charm or the depth of movies like Sairat, Natarang, Katyar Kaljat Ghusali or Jogwa. It does not have the humour or the entertainment value of movies like Mumbai Pune Mumbai, Timepass, Duniyadari or Lai Bhaari. It does not have the realism or the social message of movies like Fandry, Court, Killa or Sairat.


Why should you watch Tu Hi Re?

You should watch Tu Hi Re if you are a fan of Swapnil Joshi, Tejaswini Pandit or Sai Tamhankar and want to see them in a different avatar. You should watch Tu Hi Re if you love melodious songs and romantic scenes. You should watch Tu Hi Re if you are looking for a simple and sweet love story that does not challenge your intellect or emotions.


  • What is the meaning of Tu Hi Re?

Tu Hi Re means "You are the only one" in Hindi. It is also the title of a famous song from the Hindi movie Bombay.

  • Where was Tu Hi Re shot?

Tu Hi Re was shot in various locations in Maharashtra, such as Mumbai, Pune, Kolhapur and Satara.

  • Who sang the songs of Tu Hi Re?

The songs of Tu Hi Re were sung by various singers such as Swapnil Bandodkar, Bela Shende, Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal, Adarsh Shinde and Vaishali Samant.

  • How did Tu Hi Re perform at the box office?

Tu Hi Re was a moderate success at the box office. It collected around 10 crore rupees in its lifetime run.

  • Is Tu Hi Re available on Netflix?

No, Tu Hi Re is not available on Netflix. However, you can watch it on Zee5, Amazon Prime Video or YouTube.


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