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Henry Rogers
Henry Rogers

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This company does not reply to responses for tech support. If you call them, there is no option for tech support. They have posted articles online and you are supposed to figure out the solution to your problems from reading the articles. If the answer to your question is not there, you are stuck. They do not respond to emails to their support center. I find this very disappointing and do not recommend their software due to lack of tech support.

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For sure, you will always need to backup what you have to a format that can always be accessed, whether all printed, saved to a good quality GEDCOM file (see other comments made on this thread about GEDOM), etc. It is also important to realize that as technology changes, like new Windows Operating Systems, drivers, etc, that your OLD program, also may come to a useable end life and stop working. That said, I am not sure exactly what your other comments are relating to. Are you referring to your online Ancestry tree not showing 7 generations, or your local tree that is being shown with your FTM 2003? Your online Ancestry tree should be the same as you are expecting it to be, unless your local tree database has somehow eliminated the online version through a destructive sync. Hopefully having old backups would be able to restore your tree, both local and online. I would recommend working with someone on a local level to help you with this so they can better understand your issue. The importance of backing up your data and staying very flexible with programs you are using can not be overstated. Companies and Programs come and go, as we have seen happen with the FTM program. That makes the importance of being able to import and export GEDCOM data VERY important 350c69d7ab


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