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Download !EXCLUSIVE! POP Idol Producer Mod Signed Apk

K-POP Idol Producer will be for those who have long had a passion for music or have dreamed of becoming a producer for a famous group. When entering the world of this game, you will be transformed into a famous music producer, manage a company in the music field, and manage an idol group, which is the trend of children these days. So surely, this will be the application that satisfies your passion.

Download POP Idol Producer Mod Signed apk

Description :K POP Idol Producer is a pixel-sweet simulator in which gamers become producers in the world of K-POP. At the same time, they become owners of their own company, receive a small reputation and a small budget. The goal is also to create an incredibly popular group that will outshine all other star teams and remove them from the top of the charts as quickly as possible. And for that they have the most diverse possibilities and possibilities for activities. A whole world opens up in front of the players with their own characteristics and qualities, difficulties and amazing events as well as the practically guaranteed success of all companies.Features :* You will become a producer for a new idol group* Select talented trainees and form the idol group.* Make your idols trendy! From the album concept to stage costumes!* Increase popularity with various schedules and promotions.* Build and decorate your business.* Challenge yourself to list the table! 041b061a72


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