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We found 20 kilos of hеrοn aboard your ship under Sebastian's watch. Now, a ship carrying that kind of weight is an easy target to attack, and I couldn't help but notice that you have incentive to carry that product.

You have requested : FBI.International.S02E14.M...

Cynthia Fuchs, in her review for PopMatters, focuses on David Rossi's, played by Joe Mantegna, addition to the show. In her review, she said, "[Criminal Minds] needs signs of effort, gritty character work rather than shorthand "traits" ripped off from other shows (how many times have you seen the enticing oddball researcher or the socially inept genius?) It's tempting to think Patinkin was tired of the same-old. Rossi's traditional earnestness and self-reliance, his recklessness and self-doubt, might juice this too-slick series into a semblance of originality, even relevance." She explained how she thought the addition of his character could shake up the formula of Criminal Minds, giving it a more interesting angle. She rated the season a 6 out of 10.[31]

Todd R. Ramlow, in his review for PopMatters, criticized the fourth season's depiction of Islam, saying that the "manipulation of racial assumptions and liberal guilt" is problematic, aligning themselves with the principle that if someone looks like a terrorist, than they are a terrorist. He criticizes the season for "further linking Islam to a so called 'culture of death', as opposed to the "culture of life" seemingly celebrated by the Christian West". He said, "It's unfortunate that even when the architects of the "global war on terror" have changed their phrasing and perhaps their presumptions, Criminal Minds steps back in with such absolutism." He rated the season a 4/10.[32]

Will Harris, in his review for, focuses on the performances of the guest stars, citing how the opportunity to play villains within the show brings out some of their best acting performances. He said, "There's clearly something about playing a bad guy on "Criminal Minds" that brings out the best in the show's guest stars, as some of the season's best episodes come courtesy of one-off performances by recognizable faces who have taken on that very challenge. Luke Perry plays a deluded cult leader, Mitch Pileggi plays a "normal" guy who snaps after a personal tragedy and turns into a killer, and Alex O'Loughlin is a murderer with enough of a conscience to leave messages at his crime scenes asking for help."[33]

The series is in syndication on the A&E Network and Ion Television,[86] as well as on We TV and Sundance TV. Early seasons of the show have also begun airing on Rewind Networks's HITS TV channel in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.[87]

When foreign graduate student, Arman Patel, an Indian national, is murdered during a drug deal gone bad, the team investigate and with Maggie still away, Chicago PD Detective Hailey Upton (guest star Tracy Spiridakos) temporarily joins the team as a part of the FBI's interagency training program, becoming O.A.'s temporary partner with Upton discovering her own methods clash with the Bureau's by-the-book environment. They soon discover that Patel's roommate, Lucas Reed, was in dealings with the Chicago-based gang, the Latin Players with Upton managing to unsettle one of the members into making a phone call by informing she will contact her colleagues back in Chicago and have them arrest every member of the Players with the gang even possibly coming to suspect that the man Upton and O.A. "snitched" on them. Upton's attempts to rattle the man have them making a phone call to his associates. The team realize Reed was meant to deliver the drugs to the Latin Players. Eventually, they speak to Reed's girlfriend, Harper Quinlan who isn't willing to cooperate with them but Upton, drawing upon her own experience of abuse manages to get Quinlan to work for them which she does by wearing a wire and meeting with Reed, hoping to get the location but Reed dies in the attempt, O.A. being forced to shoot him. Harper soon discovers her father, Tom, has been kidnapped and will die if the drugs aren't brought to the location with Upton later finding the drugs stashed between the seats of the Range Rover they took from the scene much to the surprise of both O.A. and Scola, Upton even revealing to the two she has an informant in Chicago who modifies cars like that. Gathering at the pier, the team watch as the exchange between Harper and the members of the Players goes down and they soon manage to save Tom Quinlan with Harper reuniting with her father while the men who held Tom prisoner are arrested. Once the case has been solved, O.A. and Upton head out to celebrate with a beer.

The team welcomes newcomer Tiffany Wallace, who is partnered with Scola as it's revealed that Kristen has moved to Dallas, Texas to begin working at the FBI field office there, news that Jubal reveals to Castille. As Maggie returns from her undercover assignment, reuniting with O.A. and Scola while also meeting Wallace for the first time, they investigate when a group of employees at a media house are fatally shot with the case complicating when O. A.'s informant, Zayne Wells, is revealed to have been the driver for the shooters. Zayne flees when O. A. and Maggie attempt to meet him, taking seven people hostage. They track a second assailant, who Wallace manages to stop before he enters the target location. O. A. goes in and manages to talk Zayne into surrendering.

With Maggie in hospital, Isobel meets with ADIC Hawkins who's furious that she sent Maggie and OA to the warehouse without any backup from Hazmat or SWAT and that it could have cost the two agents their lives with Hawkins revealing Maggie is going to have through months of physical therapy to recover from the effects of the gas. The FBI's New York office investigate the murder of Maria Blake, who with her wife Olivia were attacked by an assailant who lurked into their home. Olivia survives and his hospitalised while her daughter Brooke is taken care of by child services. Nina Chase steps in as Maggie's substitute, and Castille is given a BAU supervisory agent to tag along. The team talks to carpenter Jeremiah Carver, who argued with Olivia prior to her death, having been fired. However he is soon cleared of suspicion, all the while the team realises that they're dealing with a serial killer targeting women in high ranking positions. Having obtained the Blake's surveillance footage, Castille decides to give the public the fragment of the killer's face it shows. They also identify glass from a church in his footprints, leading them to his sanctuary, where it's discovered that Castille is his next target. She manages to fend him off and reveals that he wears a silicon mask, and that he had white skin color and not black. Just as they determine that Olivia's ex-husband David Owen is the killer, Brooke is kidnapped from her school, fleeing to a family house in Bear Mountain Ridge. Owen holds his daughter captive and shows strong signs of going into a frenzy, Isobel believing that he's breaking down and that he doesn't care about his daughter, having used her as a human shield and she orders OA and the team to breach. Along with the SWAT team, the FBI sneak into the house from behind. O.A. talks Owen down while Scola and Chase flank him from behind, securing Brooke and arresting Owen.

TSA agent Cher Wilkins is murdered in an industrial area, with her supervisor having raised suspicions about her. OA and Chase red-con a restaurant Wilkins frequented just before her death, where he sees someone who resembles a known terrorist he once hunted in Afghanistan, long believed to be dead. Chase and other team members remain skeptical about said terrorist, Tamir Hazara, being alive, they also learn that Wilkins was on the restaurant owner, Jem Polat's payroll. The team apprehends Jorge Cissneros, who smuggled drugs through the airport to Chicago. The first run is revealed to be a test, and they have him wear a wire for his second, which they discover is actually a bomb. Polat is also discovered to be an Afghan national with his name also an alias. OA has Ian look through restaurant surveillance and identifies Hazara with certainty that he is Polat's partner. Scola goes to the airport in Cissneros' place and identifies the new TSA guard on Porat's payroll to be Wilkins' supervisor, Bill Reynolds, who explains that his wife and son are taken prisoner by Hazara. The team track his location to an abandoned industrial area, and has it surrounded. Knowing how Hazara operates, OA takes to the sewers with Chase to stop him. While she finds the hostages, he fights Hazara before killing him. In the aftermath, OA takes Chase's advice and decides to see a therapist.

The season four cast is led by Rob Lowe as Captain Owen Strand and Gina Torres as Captain Tommy Vegas. The season also stars Ronen Rubinstein as T.K. Strand, Sierra McClain as Grace Ryder, Jim Parrack as Judd Ryder, Natacha Karem as Marjan Marwani, and Brian Michael Smith as Paul Strickland. Rafael L. Silva is Carlos Reyes, Julian Works is Mateo Chavez, and Brianna Baker plays Nancy Gillian.

At the end of the episode, Cho kisses his sleeping girlfriend, then goes out to see David's grandmother. He tells her that David actually did change his ways and that he feels guilty that when David asked for his help, he never returned his call. Stating that he feels he might have been able to prevent David's death. Just the same, Mrs. Seung forgives Cho for his misstep, while relieved to learn she was right and that David wasn't killed because he was back in a gang.

In episode 8, Pink Tops, Cho meets Summer Edgecombe as a prostitute for the first time. They have a spark and an immediate connection is made with Summer admitting that she finds him attractive. Cho gets the idea to use her in a sting operation to catch a suspect and is successful. At the end of the episode, Cho goes back to Summer yet again. He says he wants her to be a confidential informant and she agrees. 041b061a72


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