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[S1E2] Escape Goat

The annual Goat Roast is here: a free-love, greet-the-first-summer-sunrise bash, complete with a sin-eating goat. When Lidia takes the reins of this year's event, insisting on a glamp-y upgrade and a fancy new name, Rhian draws a bloody line in the sand. This is war. A war that ends with an angry.

[S1E2] Escape Goat

They wind up in Pompeii in 79 AD (which reminded me of this great Doctor Who scene). Mobius wants to test the theory with something small but Loki doesn't do small gestures. Charging forward, he frees a cart of goats and yells in Latin to the gathering crowd (Hiddleston studied it at Cambridge) that they are all about to die and he's from the future. Mt. Vesuvius explodes on cue and as the God of Mischief delights in the destruction, Mobius sees that there is no variance energy detected.

Instead of looking at another physical duplicate, Loki comes face to face with Lady Loki (Sophia Di Martino), who's about to bomb the Sacred Timeline with a whole lot of reset charges. The entire TVA freaks out as they watch the timeline branch, and Judge Renslayer heads out herself to stop the coming catastrophe. Mobius races to find Loki in the store before he can join Lady Loki and stab them all in the back. As Lady Loki opens up a portal to escape, Loki has a decision to make. Stay and help the TVA or follow Lady Loki through the portal. To Mobius's frustration, he disappears into the portal, but whether it's to create more mischief with Lady Loki or finally stop her, only he knows.

While Cliff is dedicated to getting Jane back, and once he does, understand the mystery of her powered personalities, Rita chooses to return to her daily routine, assured that everything will work out. And Larry decides to book a ticket away from clown town, though the energy entity inside him had other ideas (the bus stop sequence as he repeatedly attempts to escape, only to end up an unconscious heap is edited so perfectly, and is both frustrating and funny).

We finally got to see some of our favorite Innies in the outside world, but the finale ended on a major cliffhanger and left fans with a slew of new questions. There are still lingering concerns about the baby goat department, the Lumon Board, and the Eagan family, though fans have some solid theories about the Macrodata Refinement (MDR) team's work, characters like Ms. Casey and Harmony Cobel, and Lumon's mysterious testing floor.

In Episode 5, Mark takes Helly on a mental health walk and they hear the unexpected bleat of a baby goat, which sounds a lot like a crying baby. They find a door to a white room ajar, and inside is hay, a small white fence, and 10 baby goats, along with a disoriented man in a suit and tie who's bottle feeding one of the animals. When Mark and Helly appear, the man shouts, "They're not ready. You can't take them yet. They're not ready. It isn't time. Get the hell out of here. Go!" OK! *nervous laughter*

Oddly, this isn't the first time we've seen a goat-like figure in the halls of Lumon. Remember when Burt and Irv met outside of wellness and admired that painting of Kier taming the four tempers? A robed goat, or a ram (as the thick horns might suggest), is in the painting on the ground before Kier. That's also the painting that was reenacted by the waffle party dancers. Does the painting have something to do with the baby goat department? Possibly! The only other theory we have at the moment is from Helly, who, mid-egg bar experience, laughs and tells Mark, "I figured it out. The goats lay the eggs." Normally we'd laugh along with her, but Severance is so out there that we can't in good conscience discount that theory just yet.

As noted above, the party features people in masks that resemble the four tempers from the Burt and Irv meet-cute painting (two women, a jester, and a horned goat/ram). They dance in front of the refiner of the quarter, who also wears a mask of Kier and sits on Kier's bed with a cat o' nine tails whip that has his nine core principles printed on each tail (vision, verve, wit, cheer, humility, benevolence, nimbleness, probity, and wiles).

It's time to chat about another cursed Lumon food: Eggs. We know that Kier's favorite breakfast was three raw eggs with milk (hideous), the Optics and Design team (O&D) once claimed they were doing an egg drop challenge in the team building room, and who could forget the "coveted as fuck" pre-waffle party egg bar? What's with all these freaking eggs? Vocal egg-hater Ben Stiller mentioned in a Twitter A&A that the egg bar was "necessary for the story,"(Opens in a new tab) and perhaps that's just because Irv needed something soft to smash inside the handbook. But I can't help but wonder if there's an egg-citing egg-related storyline to come. Did the goats really lay them? Just tell me.

I'm also deeply curious about how he snagged the Break Room tape and connected with Regabhi, the former Lumon employee who implanted the chips in their heads and helped Petey bypass his to successfully escape the severed floor. She seems to have cracked reintegration, but the how and why are still unclear.

Trapped in the basement of the morgue, Cam and Lauren strategize their escape from the dead. While Mayor Bowman panics about the election, Trey makes a grave mistake. The mysterious Dr. Logan arrives to rescue McDermott.

Theon wakes after being knocked out by the ironborn to find himself in an unknown location being tortured by unknown men. After a gruesome questioning session, a young man who says he was sent by Yara promises to help him escape.

With the help of the young man who promised him aid in the previous episode, Theon is able to escape from the dungeon where he was being tortured. Unfortunately, his captors quickly catch up with him. As the torturers prepare to rape Theon, the young man intercedes once again and kills them.

As they sail past the wreckage of the Battle of the Blackwater, Melisandre reveals to Gendry that he is the son of King Robert Baratheon. Gendry seems somewhat enamored with Melisandre, but Arya is still enraged that the Brotherhood sold him out for gold. She sneaks out of their hideout and tries to escape into the night, but is intercepted by the Hound, who kidnaps her.

The following night, Daenerys is brought before the khals, who have gathered in the temple to decide her fate. Khal Moro initially supports allowing her to join the dosh khaleen, but after she accuses them all of being unfit to lead the Dothraki, he instead threatens to gang-rape her. Daenerys proceeds to grab hold of a flaming brazier and push it over to light the temple on fire. The khals attempt to escape but find that Daario and Jorah have barred the door. Daenerys smiles as the temple and khals burn around her before emerging naked from the inferno to the awe of the Dothraki people, who bow before her.

Margaery soon realizes that everyone in the Sept is in grave danger and tries to tell the High Sparrow that they need to leave, but he has the Faith Militant bar the doors instead. As Margaery desperately tries to escape with Loras, one of the catacomb candles burns down and ignites an explosion that incinerates the Sept and everyone inside it. Across the city, Cersei smirks as she watches her enemies, as well as all the common people who just happened to be in the way, burn.

Plucky is being strapped down to a table by Stormtwoopers (who resemble Star Wars stormtroopers, but with duck-billed shaped helmets). Frank and Ollie believe Plucky is allowing himself to be captured to lull Duck Vader into a false sense of security, but it was time to wallop him. Duck Vader enters and explains to them that his Intergalactic Zapper Wave will blast planet X to goat cheese, as two giant doors open and the Zapper Wave enters inside pointing directly at Plucky. Vader reveals he will test it on Plucky first, as a beam begins to cut through the table and towards Plucky still strapped to the table.

Duck Vader tells him that he will soon be goat cheese and asks if Plucky has any last words. Plucky responds, "Yes. I'm allergic to goat cheese," then lets out a few Li'l Sneezer-type sneezes, destroying the Zapper Wave and sending him flying off of the table. Plucky, Frank and Ollie flee, as Duck Vader and the twoopers follow after them, shooting laser beams at them. They barely escape into an elevator, where Ollie asks Plucky why he told them that he was the best. Plucky didn't think it would hurt anyone and that he was just having a little fun, as Frank and Ollie feel that they are going to be destroyed now by Vader's troops. Plucky boldly responds that he is not going to run another step, until the elevator stops and the doors open, revealing a bunch of armed twoopers. Plucky then says, "Well, maybe a few more steps," and promptly runs the other way and smashing through the wall. Frank and Ollie promptly follow Plucky through the wall, as the twoopers immediately go after them.

A homeless man is shot while trying to prevent two people, Patti and Doug, who are posing as volunteers with the mayor's Homeless Outreach Project, from kidnapping three homeless teenagers. The kidnappers escape with two of the kids, but the third Mackey, gets away. Doug chases him and ends up throwing him through the window of Chez Vous in an attempt to bring him in.

The children are in fact being held in the basement of a pharmaceutical wholesaler, where Doug and Patti arrive to pick them up. The proprietor, Morry Quillan, protests that the recent press coverage has increased the "heat", and demands an additional $5,000.00 for his services. For answer, Patti jabs Quillan's henchman in the back of the neck with her poisoned dart, incapacitating him. She is about to do the same to Quillan, when Jim and Harvey arrive. Patti poses as a receptionist and guides the two detectives back to Quillan's office, while Doug is watching from a doorway and holding his gun on Quillan. Before long, Jim senses something wrong, and a shootout ensues, which Doug and Patti escape. Jim and Harvey run outside after them, and Quillan hurriedly tells another henchman to kill the children and dump their bodies down the sewer. But Jim comes back, apprehends Quillan and shoots the henchman before he can fire, causing the henchman himself to tumble down the sewer opening with a scream. 041b061a72


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