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Sisqo's Unleash the Dragon: A Classic R&B Album You Can Download for Free

most of the albums musical tracks are dreamy, but the groove of the title track is defined by its drums. it had to do with the beat pattern, and also, there are different melodies, he told abc news. we had to have something that was recognizable as a song. so, we started experimenting with different rhythms until we came up with this pattern.

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with the mellow vibe, it was natural that sisqo would pick a reggae-tinged track, monsta, as the albums closer. the song is a slight departure from his previous singles, but an inevitable one. the first part is getting back into that groove, he said of recording the songs uptempo second half. im not afraid to let go.

"truth" is a song about women who are "fake." he implies that it is because they took advantage of him or "played with his heart and everything." sisqo then laments, "i thought they could've been there for me, but it wasn't like that." in "i like me better," he asks, "why the fuck he want to leave, when he been here for all of us?" in "all i do," he raps about the fact that he is "a man with a hit list."

so, the "coke and sex" line is taken from marvin gaye's what's going on, which came out in 1971. the line "they say i sleep with some of the men i'm sleeping with" comes from a 1978 song, "what's going on," by poet-singer etheridge knight, and the line "it's our lifestyle" comes from eddie holland & the sensations' song "love's in need of love today."

many listeners, however, will attempt to solve the riddle of sisqo. after all, even if you're not an r&b fan, you're probably familiar with the title from the 1994 dinosaur movie, starring eddie murphy, but even that doesn't mean you know more than this prologue. but only a few are lucky enough to solve the puzzle before the credits roll. for them, the "album" comes to an abrupt end as the screen fades to black, leaving the cd player waiting on the table.


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