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Updated: Jan 14, 2022

A Living will known also as the Advanced Statement and Advanced Decision, is a legal document that can ensure your wishes, requests, planning living and wants, are met and adhered to in the event of Mental or physical incapacity or both, and or including critical illness or injury after an accident.

It is your right to refuse or accept treatment, this is entirely your choice.

So why write statements about a living will? In some instances, you may find you do not want to discuss with someone your reasons, but having them in a document saves this and a statement is a testimony you are stating what you want or do not and the reasons why.

Do you want to protect your body or mind in the event of illness or injury?

We can write your living will, this means your wishes will not be curtailed from your life.

An Advanced Statement is your wishes and requests, your religious faith, beliefs, and stated in writing. The Advance Decision is your making a mind up to refuse or accept treatment and the reasons why.

Consider this: What if the law changes here in England for example with euthanasia, and what if the state changes the law to become legal for assisted suicide. Of course, it is not legal here right now, but there are discussions in parliament that this may change, so how do you protect yourself.

In Switzerland, this is now legal, and there have been unethical cases where a nurse or doctor has decided on your behalf to give you end-of-life care when even with Critical illness someone can recover. Where do you stand in this with your religious beliefs, your inalienable rights, and your opinion on this matter?

Whatever it may be, this testimony is legally binding.

The reason we ask some may be for or against, however, this is about what do you want for yourself? Another example you may be against blood transfusion or certain drugs, chemotherapy due to its ingredients and datasheet contents, or what is offered, you accept or reject. Or Imagine you are in a fatal or near-fatal statements accident, and you do not want to be resuscitated or put on life support and do not wish to remain in a vegetative state, by making a living will, you are not leaving these decisions to your family and doctors to make and you can request to be kept on life support or switched off and if you want your organs donated.

A living will ensure your requests are met. You can relay in this document the wish for certain treatments or refusal this is entirely your choice.

With this document being legally binding, you can give a copy to your doctors to carry on file so in the event of an emergency, this will be given to anyone, who is treating you. Give a copy to your family, they all know your wishes in advance.

This topic may be controversial, Yet in our view has to be covered given recent events in the last couple of Years, and the ethics in the Health industry as a whole coming into question since the covid situation in the last few years.

Wills trusts and estate planning are attaching some news articles in which makes us think do we know what a nurse or doctor recommends is ethical or even healthy? What about an Employer stating you have to take the vaccine to continue working? Not only is this against Employment law, (we will not cover it here), but you can legally protect yourself with a Living will and reasons for example refusal of a vaccine. This can be given to your Employer and family. DRUG SCANDAL Care homes accused of using powerful sedatives to make coronavirus victims die more quickly as use rocketed 100%.

Top doctor's chilling claim: The NHS kills off 130,000 elderly patients every year. Did care homes use powerful sedatives to speed Covid deaths? The number of prescriptions for the drug midazolam doubled during the height of the pandemic.

There are a lot more news posts, social media, and views, Whether you are for or against intervention, or antipsychotic drugs effects causing heart or brain damage, to ingredients in Chemotherapy, or end of Life drugs. Your health is your wealth and your life is worth more than anything and you should be valued. In some instances people feel bullied, coerced, and pressured to succumb to what a nurse or doctor says, rather than Their own heart and soul being taken into account.

Euthanasia, is a big topic of discussion if you are for or against, whilst illegal in England, what if it does indeed become legal, will an increase in deaths occur in a hospital or care homes, Will a Nurse or doctor, or state decide your fate? A living will protect you and ensure your requests for or against treatment now and in the future are accepted and adhered to. If you are against religious faith reasons or simply your view you can document and record this and in the event of law changing, as in some countries it is now legal to End the life of someone in someone's care.

A Living will take care of this, you can write your wishes and requests for or against certain medications, vaccines even Drugs and types of care, even if you want to be put in a care home or not.

This document can be given to your doctors, Employers, Family, and friends in the event of illness or injury you have peace of mind your requests are adhered to and not ignored. Your right your choice.

In light of the news and recent events concerning someone's wishes being ignored you safely know that This document covers you in the event of injury or accident or critical illness.

Many have already spoken to us and sat with our consultants who have written a Living will for them, you can message on our website, call us, email or WhatsApp and we look at your circumstances with sensitivity and care.

We can assist you with your needs so you have peace of mind in the future.

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