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Preserving business assets estate planning

We have helped many Business owners in some instances Estate planning there is a cross over into financial planning. Every client circumstances are very different, our Advisers will look at the whole picture . We have a financial planner whom can look at your options.

If managed well, trusts can be run tax-efficiently.

You would like to pass on your assets to future generations, What if you have your shares without a will and named within the will you have a trust, how will your wishes be fulfilled if transferring to a business partner or family.

What if something happens to you, If you become critically unwell, and not able to run the business, when you are deceased, decide what happens to your business when you are no longer here. Wind the business down, pass on ownership to a family member, give your business partners the option to buy your shares, there are many options available to you.

You may want certain people to benefit whilst your wife or husband continues to receive an income.

Contact us today to start putting together your estate plan

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