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What does an executor do?

Firstly find the will, hopefully, the loved one would of left instructions with their nearest and dearest. Alternatively, you find the will-checking service on Help and advice.

Terms and definitions, without a will intestate, meaning no one to execute your wishes.

In this instance, decide, who deals with the administration, or ask us to do it for you and handle the case through to the conclusion.

If you find yourself, losing a loved one, and cannot find their will, or via a will checking service.

See this link so you do not have to go looking at a tender, time, whilst Grieving over your loss, and having to deal with the Paperwork and administration and funeral, until you know if the Family member passed Intestate or they wrote a will, and whom the executor is. In most cases, the person becoming the Executor is aware and has knowledge of what to do on behalf of the Deceased.

Checklist on what is required to Administer through the probate system.

1. Register the death

2. Obtain the Will

3. Arrange the funeral

4. Apply for a grant of probate

5. Arrange to open a personal representative’s bank account

6. Inform all relevant persons

7. Arrange a valuation of the estate

8. Draw up a schedule of debts

9. Complete the required paperwork

10. Swear the papers

11. Deal with inheritance tax

12. Distribute the copies of the grant of probate

13. Distribute the estate

14. Store the records

Being an executor is a big deal...

…too many people agree to take on the task without considering the consequences. Being an executor can be both time-consuming and onerous. It will involve dealing with HMRC and the courts. You will be liable to the beneficiaries for any actions that you take in the administration. If the deceased had a business then that becomes your responsibility as well. Or you could save yourself the stress and appoint a professional from The Probate Service. Call us now on 01372 459955 to find out more.

If you are Finding the Deceased Passed Intestate or you simply are an executor and Do not wish to take on whole responsibility, then contact us, and we will go through your case If you appoint us we charge 1.5% of the Whole estate to do all of the above on your behalf, not only will the Funds be distributed all taxes and debts will be paid, and the fee is taken out of the estate.

If you are not able to apply online, the following links will take you to the forms needed to apply via post. They list all of the documents that are required to sit alongside the application:

By Valuing the Estate, then the HMRC will work out the Inheritance tax that is due, debts to be paid, and if any trusts are in place, The list below is a checklist to find out so that the probate service can go through smoothly, yet, if you decide to use our Service you will be handed a Dedicated case handler to look after the Probate until all Beneficiaries have received their funds.

  • Property

  • Bank accounts

  • Savings accounts

  • Stocks and shares

  • Life Insurance

  • Pensions

  • Any gifts they’ve given in the last 7 years

  • Debts including mortgage details, credit cards, store cards

A A Valuable service saving you time and money trying to administer yourself whilst grieving, looking after your own family, and trying to do your daily work, all this burden can be taken away at this stressful time, by using a probate service.

If you require advice give us a call or use our contact form or social media and we will call you back, to chat with you, empathize and do our best to assist you through this period in life.

Grant of Probate can take 6 - 12 months.

In 2021 it was recorded that the probate service saw an increased spike, a surge of Intestate cases coming through. Like wills, We do not think about making a will or reason why until we are faced with this situation in our life.

We hope this helps and Empathize with your situation.

Wills trusts and estate planning team.

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