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The Expert Adviser

What is a will and why do I need one? 

Do you want your Assets and property and legacies going to the State, to distribute, or;

Do you want your Family friends, grandchildren, and such, to benefit and be able to follow your wishes and requests how you wanted things to be done in your Absence now you are no longer here?

By Death planning, including Funeral plans, you can be better prepared, not leaving it to your family to try and cope grieving process and have to pay off Debts and Try to work out how to administer through Crown state and probate. 

We have the Advice, the consultants, and information to help you make the right choices, have a plan, and then bring it into action.  Giving you the best advice options, Hand Held service, with a peace of mind, 

Why you should have a will?

This important legal document spells out who gets your assets upon your death.

Most people average at 60% or more do not have a will and our of the 40% of people with a will have not written it correctly. Or with what other Assets could have been included.

Wills and why you need one, and you can include many things, give and Donate giving Directives within the will.

What should be included in the will?

Name Your Executor

Funeral Wishes

Name Legal Guardians for Your Children

Including Your Money / Assets

Naming Your Beneficiaries

If you have a funeral plan, in place this can also, be placed directing instructions, the funeral is done by your wishes and requests carried out.

The Testator - What is one? 

Any person who makes a will, the person who writes it and or given instruction in writing or to use another to write the Document on their behalf, can use software to help write the legal instruction you are choosing to carry out.

You are Technically Testate - With a will.

Professional executor

Executors duties, Someone who Carries out your wishes once you have Deceased the reading of the will, the paying of debts, And HRMC Taxes, to the Crown and state.  Debits and credits and Then Payments to Beneficiaries, gifts, and charities.

The Responsibilities the Executor will do is, Administer the Estate by Testimony written by the Testator, who written the will, legal responsibility handling the affairs of the deceased wishes including Funeral Plans, set out in the will.

registering the death

getting copies of the will 

arranging the funeral 

taking responsibility for property and post 

valuing the estate 

sorting out finances 

dealing with any assets 

paying any Inheritance Tax 

applying for probate

distributing Assets to Beneficiaries 

Many people do not know how to Administer An Estate if someone dies Intestate has to go through the State, probate administration service, where the crown and state, Distribute the assets.

So An Executor of a will ensures that probate, passes through with the Executor, administering the will instead of the state had you died, Intestate without a will.

Being Testate means with a will in which the Executor is written given clear directions & Testimony.

Who can be your Beneficiaries? 

People you want to inherit, give, Assets in, property, business, chattels, investments, money, and possessions. 

Spouses, civil partners, kids, friends, and charities are all often made beneficiaries can all benefit by your Testimony asking someone to execute your plans to benefit your loved ones, family and friends, and charities.

The way the Beneficiary's Shares between Assets, are Divided or sold and shared from proceeds or put into Trusts will depend on how you have planned both your death and Estate planning For the present and future to come.

Can an executor also be a beneficiary in a will?

Yes, it is totally legal to have an Executor also written as a Beneficiary to a will.

Nominating Guardians in a will.

Without Guardians nominated within a will your minor children would be placed into care until the courts decide official guardians, in the event of you deceased intestate, without a will in place, nominating the guardians, and your directions, and instructions, written.  Meaning the Guardian takes Responsibility, not the courts. 

It is wise when planning your will, to ask those whom you are planning to take that position, as guardians, to the children, would like to when the will is Drafted.

By careful pre-planning, you can make decisions simplified and Easy Executed by foundations and steps.

Preserving Assets for Future Generations

Once you have organized the Death planning, and In the event of illness, you can plan for preserving assets in estate planning, for your family and Grandchildren, loved ones, and business partners, and shareholders.

What happens to assets not mentioned in a will the UK?

If you have no relatives or no will, in place then your assets pass to the crown, a state which falls into the Intestacy Rules, and through Probate Administration the Treasury will appoint, The rules of the State, not what you would of Wanted or Directed by having a will.

Simply do not die, Intestate to make it harder, stressful for Spouse, or family having to Try to administer, find, and Work out, what to do if it falls, with the crown, rather than having Protected your assets, by the very least a will, let alone, Wealth preservation for Generation of your family and Descendants. 

Many plan life yet how many plan their wishes and requests to be undertaken on their death.

Wills : About

Wills - What is a will

Why do you need a will

Through strategic planning and a cohesive team-building approach, our clients have managed to get the results they sought from our consulting & advice services. 

A Guide to explain  what a will is, its purpose, and why they are important pieces of Document to manage your Directions and wishes in the Legal authority you give in writing. 

Wills : Projects

Why do you need a will?

Will writing Exclusive Service is An Art form, from the Research, questions, and answers Seek to better understand why you need a will and its purpose in Financial planning and health planning, say with living wills, and there is your last will and Testament.

Business Meeting throught the Window

Will writer Business consultant

The role of a will writer 

Is when you are there wondering how do I write a will, or should I do a free will, or, what is the difference between DIY and having a Consultant do it, is they are very much aware of Tax savings and Estate, and administration and writing, it takes the complexity of getting it down to putting it into action, it is delivered in a document.

Signed Sealed and delivered. 

Through strategic planning A Professional service writing your will, is for anyone, who wants to protect anything you have some cash in a bank, anything over £5000, which will want to be managed by understanding probate, and how to administrate the cash Estate, without a will or an Estate With a Will after they have deceased.

Explaining Intestate is without a will

Testate is with a will.

​Guidance Is given by the Business consultant & by the website, under each service & guide for each subject topic with questions & answers to assist, many instances giving much information, Questions to begin are: Do you have a Will or not, is where the Journey into Estate Planning, which moves into action planning Wealth preservation.

When you book a consultant who is an Expert Business assets Adviser in personal and business Directorships Shares, investments, and bonds, how best to protect assets how they operate like vehicles, and their purpose.

Ultimately saving you from Inheritance tax with careful planning, you can save a lot of money, by it not going to the crown and state via inheritance tax with Advice and Guidance. 

With a cohesive team-building approach, our clients have managed to get the results they sought from my consulting services. 

Serving you the Testator, not only can A writer also witness they can Help you and the Executor and Beneficiaries, but We normally like to help both the client first or couple and then See what are the best options depending on the circumstances.

Every life, family situation, and set up is very different, We will help you understand the meanings of certain Aspects of the will writing process.

We have explained what a will is and why Anyone really needs one and should not procrastinate and put such an important Thing together. 

The Difficulties and complexities of Handwritten Wills, are now, done via software that can be written both Virtually remotely via, video call, and also signed Electronically ensuring if you require quick Execution immediately.  

The comfort of your own home, if you wish, especially if you like time to talk about Other Assets such as Business and personal or you have complex issues such as Trust Estate planning to save tax. 

Pointing Pen and Finger on Document

Notarial Will

A notarized document is one where the identity and signature of the signatory have been verified by identity documents and witnessed by a Notary Public, two independent Not beneficiaries Can be Will writer and Another, or Neighbor, Friend at the time of the signing.

How Have Wills Changed Over Time?

Through History will writing has changed, and Estate planning advice to People used to write For the Empire, Castle, land, nowadays, more modern form, is Property, Chattels, investments, bonds, shares, Assets in Businesses requires complex planning to help ease the burden of death on surviving family members. 

Simplify your Oath and Testimony into a simple easy to read, directive, given to the Executor, and whom you want to see it, or have a copy, and We have a copy holding service to offer extra security at such time, this private document, comes applicable on death.


The importance of a will

It stands true throughout History that Wills, stood, the test of time, mainly because when anyone writes a legal document contract, they are declaration, something or designating, giving, serving by a wills, and why they are valuable.
You are the one who writes the will if you try yourself, or you have an expert, on hand, to write your instructions, by the research and investigation, to ensure not only have we covered every aspect that it is written, as you request, will’s special instructions, caveats, such as whom to include or not, reasons, including instructions.
Complex Estate Planning, encompasses, directing, the will, in order a Business can carry on it's operations, for both its directors and shareholders, for family. on behalf of your wishes for director/s.

Judges Examining Document

What An Expert Will writer will do

A will writer, explores, all aspects, of your Estate, and how best to write it on your behalf, taking the complex thinking of how to put it together, We will research your own individual family personal,, and Business circumstances to provide 

Whatever you own, in assets, property, bricks and mortar, personally or in Business,  

A Will is the most important document to have, why? Say if you have Young children, from babies to older teens, would you not want them to be given guardianship young by family and friends, rather than the state making them wards of court and going to whom they state. foster ship

You have Property, or Business this can be protected by the will, and Executor carrying out your wishes as you testified in the legal most important document you can write.

Funeral, plans, You do not or do have a Funeral plan in place we can help with that.

But We recommend everyone knows your Funeral wishes and plans, to be written and a will includes this option if you like advice or a Funeral plan within and the will be written with its mention into place. Making it easier for loved ones to follow what you wished and asked for after you are not here.

We also recommend for People with moving assets, growth,, review their will, every 7 years, for inheritance tax purposes.

We Offer A Free Will checking service also, However, we have Discovered that  over 60% of people independently or as a Husband and Wife, do not have a will, Simply putting Something, that Can take the ease and headache for the family knowing who gets what as beneficiaries your wishes have been met, by the Will writer covering all aspects of estate planning.

We ensure it goes to whom you want it to after your death so that your loved one can execute the plans, directions, and information, to help them Administer your Estate easier throughout the probate administration service.

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Last Will & Testimony

What is a Last Will and Testament? 

A Lasting Will, is a Testators, expresses their wishes, requests, instructions, on how Assets, such as property, Chattels are going to be Distributed from the Estate upon death.

This is the Explanation into What a Will is, it is the best legal document to have, and copies can be given and stored with others to ensure they are easily available in the event of being needed. 

What a Will is a legal document, and why you need one, is to ensure no stress, ease and comfort in knowing your Testimony and requests were put into writing and carried out, once you are no longer here. 

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Taking Notes

Living Wills - Advance Decision

Vitally important in view of care home issues, MP's and politicians thinking they can put in bills, about Assisted Suicide, which as far as we concerned is illegal, from a Moral point of view what God says, and also the actual law he says "thou" shall not kill".  

We will go into more detail on a separate page, but access the blog, As a company we have covered this contentious, issue, even we have promoted a sponsored AD to see the reaction. For law and commerce,  we cover what Our God wants, at the Government state promises to try to do by a piece of paper unethical, immoral killing calling it the grim reality is far from different  assisted suicide.

IT Consulting

New Product Introduction

With this project, I helped my client set up a short term plan with long term benefits. I then provided expert advice and strategic planning to help them with implementation. Would you like to learn more about my services?

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Process Automation

This project is a great example of how I keep my clients’ best interests in mind. We started by conducting a thorough budget analysis, and slowly built a long-term plan for the next few phases. To learn more, contact me today.

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Contact us now and see as Consultants we can do for you, your family, descendants, siblings, or your business operational Caveats.

Estate planning Helpline if you need it.

To discuss your estate or matters of estate and you have issues with probate, and cannot understand the administration process. 

Or you do not have a will and Want advice and one writing immediately.

Or you have a will and you need a Free will Checking service. Which should be done on a regular basis like housekeeping but for Assets.  

Or a Family member has Deceased and you do not know what to do

We will write notes, arrange a virtual or face to face meeting, we will help you with information, Guide you along the process from the Will writers fact find you to be able to Direct Your will, by preserving Wealth for Yourself and Others n the event of illness injury and death. 

By Using Power of Attorney you can also ensure your Estate, personal, the and business for Financial and health planning are also in place such topics will be discussed however wills, are just the blueprint legal document that opens up Estate planning asset protection from tax man, care costs, can be mitigated if paid at all by careful Death, Succession, And Wealth preservation. 

Do not worry if all this seems too complex

The role of a will writer is to consult, information gather, research, and deliver the best-written document with software that also, covers to ensure every part is covered and how you the Testator writes with the help of the consultant to complete the legal will, copied, or stored, at your convenience. 

Will writers what they do, will explain what a will really is in regards to The Estate planning options and How it can direct and drive to other Services and Legal documents such as trusts 

The ideal time, is to have Things to hand, to discuss, and look at, Then call us, and we can arrange a virtual or Face to face, expert consultant in both wills and asset management to understand, the role, duties, and What needs to be included and signed Sealed and delivered, private document until after you are deceased does a will become public record. 

In-house Experts, so contact us to discuss your will and other Services we have to offer that go along with Death planning, Succession planning, Tax saving, Power of Attorney, Funeral Plans, and Trust Estate planning.  

Handling both Finance, personal, and business our consultants Will protect your assets, your Estate, and Wealth from Taxes, and Future Generational IHT. 

You are in safe hands

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